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Domain Name System abbreviated as DNS is an Internet service responsible for converting a domain name into an IP address form. Domain names are written alphabetically, making them easy to remember. But, only IP addresses are recognized by World Wide Web but they aren’t easy to remember. So each time you use a domain name as you browse, a domain name system service is essential for translating the name into a connected IP address.

Potential problems with hosting your DNS servers

Hosting your domain name system servers means that all the queries will be determined from one location. In case someone who is far from where the servers are located tries to access your website, the response usually takes some time to reach them. If the servers malfunction, it will not provide the required service, and you will have to deploy a fix. You also need knowledge and skills to run your domain name system servers so that you can keep up with the latest security measures and for the servers to run smoothly.

But, you can avoid all these inconveniences when you use a managed DNS Provider. Some benefits include:


Your managed domain name system provider is always strongly committed to ensuring that you get the best service. They make sure that the necessary updates are made. They also use the best networks to broadcast IP addresses from many computers so as to maintain a global network that is seamless and invisible to an end user.


If you choose to use a managed DNS provider, you will not have to shoulder responsibilities like setting up your own servers and maintaining them. Rather than worrying about how you will keep the global domain name system infrastructure running, you will simply set the records and focus on other important matters to help your business to grow.

Also, you will save money on software and hardware maintenance costs. Instead of building up a sufficiently resilient and redundant infrastructure, you will only need to pay for a reliable service that will be maintained by experts who understand how the system works deeply.


Security is one of the most critical things that must be looked into by a service provider. They will ensure that any security related issues are discovered early and patched in time. Security measures are also employed to avoid vulnerability.


Although you may be confident about your abilities to juggle all the DNS hosting and maintenance successfully, you will still need assistance from time to time. But if you get the services from a managed domain name system provider, you will access their team of specialist and experts at any time especially when you are facing some problems. A good source of information is, which has more insights and resources available online.