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How a DNS Firewall Can Help You

Firewalls have become the traditional first defense for firms who want to prevent and detect intrusions. Because of the standardization and proliferation of firewall technology, practically everyone knows what a firewall is in most companies have one deployed. now that the technology has become commonplace hackers and other cyber criminals have diverse the father efforts, making a DNS firewall the latest must-have tool for the business world. Visit the website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

Best Antivirus Defense For Your DNS and Network Systems - Top 3 Included

An antivirus should be used along with DNS protection program such as for securing the connected networks with the systems. Taking about the best antivirus programs, let's have a look at the top antivirus software which you can purchase.

Why You Need To Use a Managed DNS Provider

Domain Name System abbreviated as DNS is an Internet service responsible for converting a domain name into an IP address form. Domain names are written alphabetically, making them easy to remember. But, only IP addresses are recognized by World Wide Web but they aren’t easy to remember. So each time you use a domain name as you browse, a domain name system service is essential for translating the name into a connected IP address. A good source of information is, which has more insights and resources available online.

[Video Transcript] What is IPv6? (

In this short introduction to IPv6 adoption, you will learn why this IP protocol is needed and what the advantages are. The movie also explains the limitations of IPv4.

Using Technology for Transition from IPv6 to IPv4

The introduction of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) 4 years ago spelt good news for most people. With the capability of 340 undecillion 128-bit addresses, the ipv6 adoption is a giant compared to its predecessors—the IPv4—which has 4.3 billion addresses. However, transition from the old protocol to the new one is not easy.