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Traditionally, employees were responsible for monitoring their own work hours. Often, they would track hours on a piece of paper, and this paper would be submitted to the company regularly so that the paycheck could be prepared. However, innovations have changed how time tracking and payroll processing is completed. Software programs are now available that help employees keep track of their work hours, and they also offer benefits to the employer. If you are looking for a new software program to use in your business, look for these important features. 

1. Employee Verification Features

One of the more significant issues associated with using traditional timesheet or punch-in time cards relates to employee theft. Some employees clock other employees in or out when they are running late or want to leave early. This essentially is a form of theft because employees are getting paid for hours that they are not actually working. The best software program has verification features, such as a fingerprint scan. These features can reduce or eliminate the financial loss associated with this type of theft.

2. Employer Notifications

Some software programs allow you to upload your team’s work schedule. Then, the system may notify you when employees sign in late or leave early. This can give you the ability to better manage your workforce. It can also help to ensure that you have a full team working or full coverage in your warehouse or retail location. Remember that this can affect workplace safety, customer satisfaction and more.

3. Real-Time Employer Analysis

The cost associated with overtime pay can be substantial, and it can make it difficult to properly manage your business’s budget. However, it may be challenging to determine which employees are approaching the overtime mark on a real-time basis. This is particularly true if you have a large workforce. Some time monitoring programs may alert you when employees are close to the overtime level so that you can take appropriate steps to save money. 

4. Compatibility With Payroll Processing Applications

While you want a software program that allows you and your team to manage each individual timesheet and actual time worked regularly, you also need a way to convert that information to your payroll processing application. The best programs available are compatible with popular software applications. They can export the data into a format that is usable by payroll processing applications. 

Managing your employees’ work hours and converting their timesheets into a format that can easily be analyzed for payroll processing can be daunting when you take a manual approach. However, you can see that advanced software solutions are now available. By reviewing some of the options available today, you can improve this aspect of your business operations.