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Small business owners have probably experienced problems billing clients accurately and processing payroll, which limits productivity and could eventually cause a business to close. However, many business owners have started using time tracking software to help manage their business. If you are a business owner, here are five reasons you should consider incorporating employee tracking software into your business management plan. 

1. You can Bill Clients Accurately

When businesses do not use specialized software to track their employees, it is nearly impossible to bill clients accurately. Furthermore, if businesses outsource work to freelancers, tracking software can control the number of hours they work on a specific project. As a result, business owners are able to ensure their clients stay within their budget. 

2. It Prevents Employees From Becoming Distracted 

With most employee tracking software, there are features that allow business owners to see what websites their employees visit during work hours, which can prevent distraction. When employees know their boss is able to see what websites they access during work hours, it will keep them on task and increase productivity. Employee productivity is vital for a business to strive, which is one reason many business owners use this valuable tool

3. Businesses can Better Manage Budgets 

When a team of employees are working on different projects, it can be easy for business owners to lose track of project budgets. Time tracking allows business owners and supervisors the ability to assign each employee a certain number of hours they are allowed to devote to a given client or project. 

4. Lets Business Owners Identify Top Performing Employees 

Employee tracking software is a great way for business owners to identify which employees are performing above the rest, which enables supervisors and business owners the ability to assign these employees greater responsibility. Furthermore, it gives supervisors the opportunity to recognize which employees need improvements. This provides business owners the opportunity to train these employees to be more efficient, which will help their business flourish. 

5. Helps Employees Manage Project Timelines 

Although many business have project timelines in place before a project actually begins, employee tracking software allows business owners to compare a predetermined timeline to the actual amount of hours a group of employees worked on a task. If employees start to fall behind the predetermined timeline, then business owners can provide employees with time management training to stay on track. 

There are a wide range of business owners from different industries that are turing to employee tracking software to help their businesses grow. Although a timesheet is a traditional way to clock hours, it doesn't allow business owners the ability to see how their employees manage their time.