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[Video Transcript] What is IPv6? (

In this short introduction to IPv6 adoption, you will learn why this IP protocol is needed and what the advantages are. The movie also explains the limitations of IPv4.

Using Technology for Transition from IPv6 to IPv4

The introduction of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) 4 years ago spelt good news for most people. With the capability of 340 undecillion 128-bit addresses, the ipv6 adoption is a giant compared to its predecessors—the IPv4—which has 4.3 billion addresses. However, transition from the old protocol to the new one is not easy.

Disadvantage of IPv6 Adoption

The IP system is being upgraded from version 4 to version 6, and more and more traffic is sent through IPv6 addresses every day as ipv6 adoption continues. While the upgrade has some strong advantages, such as ensuring there are plenty of addresses available, some aspects of the upgrade come with a cost. Here are a few of the disadvantages of the move to IPv6.

Factors Slowing Down National Ipv6 Adoption

There have been several factors slowing down ipv6 adoption throughout the country. Most major Canadian ISPs have yet to offer IPv6 support to residential customers at all. A majority of business customers have not accepted the service even when given the option.